Conference update

In the UK, most of the country is now in holiday mood.  Schools have broken up, traffic has suddenly lightened and offices are preparing themselves for the big getaway.

It’s a great time to take stock, catch up and start thinking about the rest of the year – with all the challenges, adventures and excitement that has to bring.  For the team here, that means delivering what is already the largest vehicle perception conference that’s ever been organised, an event which has more exhibitors, more registered delegates and more media partners than any event before it.

It’s a hugely diverse event as well.  Before the conference even begins, we’ve got a busy ‘Day Zero’ with an IEEE Standards Association Working Group, a free networking and meet-up event for our new Self Driving Track Days Series, which launched earlier this week, and an image sensor training workshop delivered by renowned expert Dr Albert Theuwissen.  That evening, as exhibitors complete their stands and delegates begin to arrive, our welcome reception event will help arrivals find what they need and unwind after their journeys from all over the world.

And then the conference begins! This is where people will find their comfort zone at the event, with 3 different rooms covering more than a dozen themes, delivered by more than 45 speakers, with representatives from commercial, academic and government sectors.  During breaks, exhibitors will provide demonstrations of exciting new technology in this sector in numbers not seen before in one place, including the OEM Showcase Sponsor, Jaguar Land Rover, as well as exploring the latest offerings from innovative new technology companies in a dedicated start-up zone.

Lastly, you can be sure of a productive event with plenty of time to focus on what matters to you, as we’re recording every conference session and will make these available to every registered delegate for 6 months after the event, so whatever happens at the event, you will the opportunity to catch up on any sessions you missed once you return to your workplace.

We’ve been giving you a feel for some of the topics that will be covered, and the quality of knowledge that’ll be present through our articles and interviews with advisory board members and guest speakers over the past few months, which have covered topics as diverse as open source code, educationcomponent design, our IEEE activities, as well as commenting on other stories in or affecting the industry, such as the Queen’s Speech and Google’s Self Driving Car Project.

With this much activity, it’s little wonder that, at the time of writing (and we’re still more than 6 weeks away from the conference) more than 180 delegates have already registered to attend. Don’t leave it too late to register as we do have an upper capacity!

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