Driving Innovation: A Conversation with Christoph Gollob, Networking Architect at BMW

Recently, Sense Media had the privilege of interviewing Christoph Gollob, Networking Architect at BMW, ahead of his highly anticipated keynote presentation at the upcoming AutoSens Brussels. In this exclusive conversation, Christoph offered valuable insights into the cutting-edge world of ADAS and automotive sensors. 

As we delved into Christoph’s early years at university, he reminisced about his journey into the realm of automotive engineering. “I hail from Austria, where I embarked on a technical school journey at the age of 14. After finishing my modules, I chose to engage in mechanical engineering and electronics studies, Christoph revealed. This unique blend of mechanical and electronic knowledge provided him with a strong foundation to explore the intricacies of automotive systems. 

A pivotal moment during Christoph’s academic life was his involvement in a project that left a lasting impression. “I had the privilege of working on building a formula student car from scratch, starting with a white sheet of paper. This experience taught me valuable lessons in project management, teamwork, and understanding complex systems,” Christoph fondly recounted. His hands-on experience set the stage for a successful career in the automotive industry. 

Fast forward to 2010, when Christoph commenced his journey at BMW, he primarily worked on vehicle dynamics and electronic stability control (ESP) functions. However, it was his role in developing the BMW platform for automated driving that truly exemplified his expertise. Reflecting on the challenges he encountered, Christoph remarked, “We aspired to achieve fully self-driving capabilities on highways, which required a major focus on system redundancy and addressing heat dissipation concerns. Additionally, we needed to optimize network communication to ensure seamless data transfer between various components.” It was evident that Christoph’s role demanded both technical acumen and visionary thinking. 

In his current position as a Networking Architect at BMW, Christoph stressed the significance of understanding various communication systems within the automotive industry. “Networking is about establishing the right means of communication among different entities, such as cameras, sensors, and number crunchers. It’s about creating a robust network infrastructure to ensure smooth data flow,” Christoph passionately explained. His role involves selecting appropriate communication protocols, like CSI2 for cameras, to ensure efficient and reliable data transmission. 

During the interview, Christoph highlighted the growing importance of standardized solutions for automotive sensors. “The market for imaging sensors is expanding rapidly, with multiple cameras becoming mandatory in vehicles. To ensure resilience and interoperability, we need standardized solutions with the right feature sets,” he emphasized. Such standardized solutions not only enhance security but also pave the way for seamless integration and future advancements. 

Regarding the industry’s current trends, Christoph noted a shift towards Level 2 ADAS functionalities. “While the hype around Level 3 autonomy may have settled, Level 2 functionalities are highly sought-after by customers. We are working on refining features like hands-off lateral and longitudinal control up to 130 km/h, to offer a smoother driving experience,” Christoph shared. Furthermore, he emphasized the growing trend of bringing ADAS functionalities to premium cars, leveraging the array of cameras mandated for regulatory compliance. 

In conclusion, AutoSens’ conversation with Christoph Gollob offered a captivating glimpse into the ever-evolving world of ADAS and automotive sensors. His wealth of experience and deep understanding of networking architecture demonstrated the critical role technology plays in shaping the future of automotive innovation. To gain more valuable insights from Christoph and witness his visionary keynote presentation, you can watch the full interview below. 

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Author: Kayleigh Pearson
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