Europe’s most forward-thinking automotive event

Imaging and sensors for the automotive industry are evolving at an exciting and unprecedented rate. Making sense of this progress, addressing the most pressing issues and bringing together several automotive disciplines is AutoSens 2016 – a pioneering new automotive conference by engineers, for engineers.

Running from 20-22 September May 2016 at the renowned AutoWorld in Brussels, this event will play a crucial role in the development of sensor technology, processing hardware and algorithms in automotive vehicles.  The website provides a full breakdown of the agenda topics to be discussed, the advisory board members shaping the event and further details about this brand new conference.

Are you ready for a different kind of automotive event?

AutoSens conference 2016 ultimately aims to advance sensor technology and its integration into the vehicles of today – and tomorrow. Unlike other automotive conferences which focus on marketing and only scratch the surface of the technical challenges, AutoSens has been created specifically to focus on real-life scenarios and take real, tangible steps into augmenting automotive sensing.

The event will be hosted at the celebrated AutoWorld venue, just metres away from the European Commission in Brussels, the epicentre of European governance and regulation. Showcasing over 400 vintage vehicles, the unique history and architecture of this museum makes it an interactive and inspiring venue that’s nothing if not full of character!

Networking opportunities, keynote sessions and 60 expert speakers combine to create a memorable event that’s the first of its kind in this industry. Focussing on vehicle perception and control, all areas of research, development and implementation will be covered at the conference, including best practice, shared challenges, standardisation, innovation and supply chain collaboration, which will be discussed via a series of presentations and chaired panel discussions.

According to Professor Patrick Denny of Valeo Vision Systems, “AutoSens stands to be one of the most important meeting places for OEM, Tier 1 and supply chain engineers to advance ADAS technologies and improve automotive safety”. He continues, “It will combine high level discussion with a first class social program”.

What’s more, AutoSens will showcase an exclusive exhibition to highlight novel technologies from various organisations, giving insight into the latest thinking from the next generation of automotive electronic engineers.

Brought to you by industry experts

AutoSens is the first event run by Sense Media Events, whose founders have a track record of success running B2B events in high-tech sectors. They’ll now be applying their combined 20 years of experience in the events industry to AutoSens 2016.

The vision of Sense Media is to fully immerse itself in the markets for which their events cater. “By engineers, for engineers” is their mantra, reflecting the high levels of engagement from the technical community. Sense Media’s events aim to engage the community in a meaningful way, and provide a tool not just for learning and networking, but also for recruitment, academic engagement, and a truly memorable experience.

Cutting through the hype

All too many conferences leave you empty-handed when it comes to actionable take-aways. AutoSens aims to focus on the issues we can address to illuminate the current state of industry, rather than looking too far forward and rendering discussions speculative at best, redundant at worst.

“I decided to launch this event because I saw a need to cut through the hype and create a meeting that is truly for the engineers – the passionate scientists who are applying their knowledge and solving problems on a daily basis,” explains Robert Stead, Managing Director of Sense Media. “By assembling a representative advisory board, we can get to the heart of the challenges facing the army of engineers crunching the numbers and running the trials that move ideas from the drawing board and into production vehicles”.

Focusing on the here and now, rather than forecasting what the future might bring, is a key element of Sense Media’s strategy and the appeal of AutoSens as a completely new and innovative industry event. While vehicles which are completely independent may be a future vision, the day to day challenge of the industry today is how to further integrate and improve existing technologies.

“Autonomous vehicles may be the end-game”, admits Stead. However, he continues: “there are many steps to take before we get there, and it’s the medium terms goals of developing, enhancing and integrating ADAS that remains the focus of today’s OEM supply chain”.

The automotive industry today

We are entering a new age of electronics integration, where imaging and sensing are becoming increasingly important to improve the efficiency and safety of automotive vehicles.

Through this technology, vehicles are now able to gather more and more information about their external environment, and also use this data to make informed decisions and take action. What’s interesting is that a lot of these technologies were not originally developed for automotive use, so the adaptation of this hardware, calibration, testing, performance optimisation and environmental resistance has to be taken into account in order to effectively develop and produce systems which are optimised for automotive vehicles.

Who will be attending AutoSens?

300 delegates involved in the development of automotive sensing technology and signal processing will be attending AutoSens 2016, made up of a mixture of the automotive supply chain, including Tier 1 businesses and automotive OEMs. You can find further details on why delegates should attend and how to purchase a ticket.

Find out more about AutoSens, the innovative automotive conference taking place at AutoWorld in September 2016.


Get involved at AutoSens

As the foremost meeting space of automotive engineers working to improve machine perception for series vehicles, sponsoring such an event is an unmissable opportunity to get your name in front of an engaged and relevant audience. Promote your product to the senior technical experts driving technology adoption at OEMs and Tier 1s, showcasing your brand and generating new business. Contact Rob Stead today on [email protected] for further details