Brussels edition of AutoSens 2020 packed with more expert content than ever before

The Brussels edition of AutoSens 2020 features over 12 hours of interactive in-depth tutorials, 45 technical presentations, 10 hours of panel and group discussions and more than 20 new technology focus sessions. Three technical tracks will be delivered by over 70 speakers across six days of content, with over 50 exhibitors taking part in our virtual exhibition. With our fully interactive event platform you can expect the same quality of discussion concerning the future of vehicle perception technology, alongside interactive sessions, and networking opportunities, all from the safety of your home or work-space, available for you to watch live or on-demand.

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Collaborative development at the heart of AutoSens

AutoSens provides the perfect opportunity for engineers, scientists and professionals from all over the world to connect and solve the challenges facing our industry, and we can facilitate this even more so online. A key theme of our AutoSens Brussels edition is how collaborative approaches are being used to solve autonomous driving challenges, with speakers from the Autoware Foundation, the Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium and Open ADx among others sharing their views on the importance of open source platforms. Codeplay, Panasonic, Daimler and the University of Darmstadt will also contribute to a panel on this important topic.

Other key themes of our Brussels edition include trends and challenges in in-cabin monitoring and simulating driver assistance systems, with presentations from Mercedes Benz, Visteon, Porsche Engineering Services, Ford and BMW.

Focusing on LiDAR and Sensor and System Safety

The role of LiDAR in the ADAS and AV sensor set features in a double length session with the likes of RoboSenseXenomatiX, EPFL, Fraunhofer IMS, and Lumotive presenting their latest research on finding a viable automotive LiDAR. Alternatives to LiDAR will also be covered, including the use of RADAR and GNSS, and multi-camera systems and sensor fusion.

Safety and standardisation of sensors and systems is another important focus, with a keynote on ‘Measurable Safety, the Missing Ingredient to Demonstrating ADAS Value’, from Forbes contributor Dr. Rahul Razdan and a panel discussion that will explore how sensors and sensor systems degrade over time, and what the impacts on system safety performance are, and what we can do to prevent performance dropping below acceptable levels.

Keynotes include MIT exploring their DriveSeg Dataset for dynamic driving scene perception, Volvo detailing their approach to sensor cleaning and sensor integration in headlamps and Prof. Dr. Elmar Rueckert of the Institute for Robotics and Cognitive Systems on ‘Predicting multiple Driving Hypotheses in Autonomous Systems’.

View the agenda for our Brussels edition >>

The Brussels edition will take place online over four weeks, with the main presentations being scheduled for 14-17 September and 13-15 October and tutorials taking place in between. A ticket for AutoSens 2020 gives you access to both our Brussels and Detroit editions – .

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